We are building a peer-to-peer barter platform, where members can swap their skills and services.

Our founders have all personally experienced the benefits of barter, which range from financial to social. It has allowed them to outsource tasks, learn new skills, connect with others in a genuine and authentic way, all while saving money. Win win win!

The Problem

So many people in 2022 find themselves cash-poor. They may be time-rich or skill-rich, but being cash-poor means there are so many things they can’t afford. Barter however allows members to outsource tasks, learn new skills, and connect with others authentically, all while saving money.

The Solution

Using blockchain technology, tokenization, matchmaking algorithms and machine learning - we’re enabling users to go beyond the restrictions of traditional barter. We’re solving the age-old problems associated with barter trade, as well as personal problems for our users.

Why NOW is the time to bridge the oldest form of trade, into the newest….

Throughout history barter has always increased “during times of economic recession and inflation” (Cambridge Press, 1986) and given the current economic climate, we believe global barter is needed more than ever.

We’re using blockchain for social and public good, giving members egalitarian access to the services they need, regardless of the economic climate, or their personal financial situation.

The Technology

We’re leveraging modern technology unlike any of our competitors, with matchmaking algorithms and machine learning guaranteeing a barter experience better than ever before. Much like on a modern dating site, users will be shown relevant barters one by one, and if / when both users swipe right - a chat unlocks for them to start negotiations. This contrasts hugely with the ‘bulletin board’ approach of our competitors, saving our users time, and prioritizing their privacy.

The Ethos

We believe that being cash-poor shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you’re skill rich. So we’re creating an ecosystem where users pay for other services, with their time and skills. We’re connecting human gifts with human needs, while moving completely away from traditional currencies, so that we might all live in greater abundance.

Let’s challenge the status quo and bring back barter together - bridging the oldest form of trade into the newest - barter 3.0.


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An online peer-to-peer barter platform, where members can trade their talents, swap their skills and earn rewards. Bridging the oldest form of trade into the newest. Welcome to Barter 3.0.